Ring in the New Year with New Gear!

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With the end of 2016 comes the end of our limited specials on 20 of our most popular items.

Take advantage of these prices, before they’re gone with the new year!

Veatch Economical Exam Lane

The Veatch Economical Exam Lane Package includes the basic equipment needed to outfit
your examination lane. The package includes:

  • Combo exam chair & stand*
  • Manual refractor
  • Slit lamp
  • Visual acuity system

Retail: $18,283.50

Was: $14,525.00

Now only $13,250

Veatch Digital Refraction Suite

The Digital Refraction System is a full suite of products to digitize your exam process. System Includes:

  • PDR-7000 Digital Refractor
  • PRK-7000 Auto Refactor
  • PLC-8000 Visual Acuity System
  • Potec PLM-6100PD Autolensmeter

Retail: $25,616.32

Was: $18,995.00

Now only $17,495

InSight Visual Acuity System

The InSight Visual Acuity System is an innovative solution to your acuity needs. It's the first LCD Acuity that does not require a PC! Features include:

  • Range from 20/10 - 20/400
  • Randomization

Retail: $1,895.00

Was: $1,295.00

Now only $1,095

Those Are Some Impressive Prices—Here Are Some More:

Sale Price
Veatch Technology Exam Lane Sale: $18,500.00
Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor Sale: $8,500.00
Automated PTS 1000 Perimeter Sale: $11,850.00
Potec PRK-7000 Autorefractor/Keratometer Sale: $5,995.00
Yeasn LightSpeed Auto Lensmeter Sale: $2,895.00
Canon CR-2 AF Retinal Camera Sale: $14,750.00
ReSeeVit CR2 Digital Imaging System Sale: $17,995.00
ReSeeVit elite HR Camera and Software Sale: $6,995.00
ReSeeVit elite HR Digital Imaging System Sale: $15,495.00
ReSeeVit Antares Topographer Sale: $13,500.00
Reichert 7 Auto NCT Tonometer Sale: $7,999.00
Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer Sale: $14,750.00
Pulsair Desktop Non-Contact Tonometer Sale: $5,177.00
Trial Lens Set Full Diameter (+/-) Cyl Sale: $650.00
S4Optik 1000 Chair and Stand Combo Sale: $4,750.00
S4Optik 1800 Combo Chair/Stand Sale: $5,860.00
S4Optik 2000 Combo Chair and Stand Sale: $6,650.00

Ring in the New Year with New Ophthalmic Equipment

We try to offer the best pricing possible throughout the entire year—which is why these specials are so incredible and short-lived.

This special is going to end when the ball drops—so make sure to upgrade your old equipment now, before it disappears with 2016.

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