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Below are posterior segment images taken with the ReSeeVit CR2 Retinal Imaging System
Retina collage
Panoramic Retina
Retina Optic Nerve
Cup-To-Disc Ratio
Retina RGB
Red/Green Filters

Retinal Imaging Solutions

The ReSeeVit Retinal Imaging System uses a Canon CR-2 Digital Retinal Camera, the epitome of state-of-the-art, non-mydriatic imaging technology offering dramatically reduced brightness, improved overall comfort, and significantly shorter exam time. For patients undergoing non-mydriatic retinal exams, the bright flash can be unpleasant. The CR-2 reduces patient stress by significantly reducing the flash intensity, providing more comfortable retinal exams. Retinal exams play an important role in screening for major illnesses. The CR-2 camera accommodates easier examination procedures, supporting better overall healthcare for your patients.

Reitna Panoramic

ReSeeVit Retinal Imaging System Features:

  • Quick Zoom Tool movable on a 45-degree angle
  • Mouse scroll and hand grab for image analysis
  • Digital cobalt, cyan, and red free filters
  • Retinal layer filters
  • Inversion filter for glaucoma analysis
  • Side-by-side image comparison
  • Image overlay for yearly comparisons
  • Digital stereo 3D views
  • Advanced CD ratio
  • Annotation tools
  • Screening and HD wellness modes
  • Panoramic image montage
  • Screenshot PDF reports
  • Full DICOM modality for EHR interface
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7
  • Compatible with Windows Network
  • Compatible in Parallels for Mac OS X

ReSeeVit's powerful panoramic feature allows for simultaneous comparison of multiple images of the same eye taken over time. By stitching together the images, you can create a large panoramic view.

Canon CR-2 Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera - Incorporates the latest in Canon non-mydriatic imaging technology and enhancements in a compact, light design. It can easily be installed and takes up minimal office space. For added convenience, the camera is mobile for easy transportation. The illuminated control panel on the CR-2 allows medical staff to easily navigate operations in dark rooms.

Lower Cost of Ownership - Contributing to a lower total cost of ownership, the CR-2 can help reduce energy costs in medical facilities with its energy-efficient design.

Compact and Lightweight - The small design of the CR-2 provides the smallest footprint of any Canon retinal camera to date.

Low Flash Photography - The low flash intensity of the CR-2 minimizes miosis, shortening the time required for taking multiple exams. The reduced brightness helps improve patient comfort and reduces the "ghost" image that comes with after-exposure.

Canon CR2 Retinal Camera
Canon CR2 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Ergonomic Control Panel - The simplified design of the control panel ensures easy operation by a trained examiner. A single joystick positions the camera for the desired point of view. In dark rooms, the operation panel illuminates for easy navigation, and the 35 mm working distance between the patient and the operator allows easy access to the patient's eyes should they need assistance with opening their eyes.

CR2 controls
CR2 Control Panel
Canon CR2 Control Panel

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