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Heine LAMBDA 100 Head Retinometer
Retail: $1,919.40
 Was: $1,447.00
Sale: $1,375.00
Octopus 600 Pro Perimeter
Retail: $16,155.00
Our Price:$16,155.00
Octopus 900 Basic Perimeter
Retail: $26,708.00
Our Price:$26,708.00
Octopus 900 Pro Perimeter
Retail: $31,510.00
Our Price:$31,510.00
Potec PRK-8000 Auto Refractor/Keratometer
Retail: $7,525.00
Our Price:$7,000.00
PTS 1000 Perimeter Package
Retail: $17,300.00
Our Price:$15,250.00
ReSeeVit Elite LED Slit Lamp
Retail: $12,090.00
Our Price:$9,670.00
S4Optik 2000 Instrument Stand
Retail: $5,625.00
Our Price:$4,500.00
Veatch Economical Exam Lane
Retail: $18,283.50
Our Price:$13,995.00
S4Optik 1800 Manual Recline Chair
Retail: $4,200.00
Our Price:$3,360.00
Veatch Technology Exam Lane
Retail: $27,156.00
Our Price:$20,995.00
Potec PLM-6100PD Auto Lensmeter
Retail: $3,980.00
Our Price:$2,895.00
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Show Products 1-12 of 42