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    The Reichert 7 Non Contact Tonometer is the seventh generation and most user friendly NCT ever. With a number of new features, including an easy to navigate touch-screen interface and triple-measurement mode, Reichert 7 will be a welcome addition to your practice. The fully automated operation results in error-free measurements and high patient throughput.

    Triple-measurement mode:
    Reichert 7 features an all-new, one-touch, triple-measurement mode that delivers three measurements with a single press. This new feature saves time, increases accuracy, and ensures the highest level of comfort for your patients.

    User interface:
    The all-new touch-screen interface features an easy-to-use icon-based operating system enabling even inexperienced users to make measurements in seconds. The full color display guides the operator through the measurement process showing everything from the alignment of the eye, to the display of the readings. Set up menus and instrument options are also easily accessible and simple to navigate.

    Accuracy, simplicity, speed:
    Operation of Reichert 7 is extremely quick. Patients simply lean against the forehead rest while the operator touches an icon on the screen to activate the fully automated alignment and IOP measurement process. The measurement is taken with speed and simplicity unlike any other NCT, without sacrificing accuracy.


    • Easy-to-use, touch-screen user interface
    • No chinrest, joystick, or elevation controls
    • Patients simply lean against the forehead rest
    • Alignment is completely automated
    • One-touch, triple-measurement mode
    • Clearly displays all measurement data
    • Internal printer simplifies record keeping
    • Electronic data transfer via USB port