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Welcome to the Veatch Ophthalmic Equipment Buyers Guide

We know the challenges you face as an ophthalmic professional and we want to offer all the help we can in choosing the right ophthalmic equipment for your practice. Whether you are just opening your own practice or you are looking to replace existing ophthalmic equipment or ophthalmic supplies, we at want to offer you the best buying experience possible.

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Automated Ophthalmic Instruments

Why should you consider automated ophthalmic equipment? This ophthalmic equipment buyer's guide introduces the features and benefits of our automated ophthalmic equipment as well as the overall benefits that automated equipment can offer your practice.

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Every optician, optometrist and ophthalmologist knows that your ophthalmoscope is the cornerstone of your practice and one of the most frequently used ophthalmic instruments. We offer this section to show you what kinds of ophthalmoscopes we offer and what the benefits are of using the most up to date technology, like binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes!

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Consumable Ophthalmic Supplies

Once you have invested in your ophthalmic equipment, you may not be thinking of maintaining, cleaning and replacing parts but you'll certainly have to do all of these! We at believe that it is imperative to properly protect and maintain your high end ophthalmic equipment to ensure that you get your money's worth! To that end we offer a full range of ophthalmic supplies including ophthalmic bulbs, ophthalmic printer paper, fluorescein and dust covers!

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New Vs. Used Equipment

Many ophthalmic equipment stores online, including Veatch Instruments, sell used ophthalmic equipment. In some cases, this may be the perfect opportunity to invest in much needed ophthalmic equipment or ophthalmic instruments. Remember though, to be cautious when you purchase used equipment and to think through your decision. Sometimes spending more money on better technology can make all the difference to your growing practice.

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Pros and Cons of New Vs. Used Ophthalmic Equipment

Running a Profitable Ophthalmic Practice

Many challenges face an ophthalmic practice in this day and age. You need to maintain your existing patients, attract new patients, maintain ophthalmic equipment and stay up to date with the newest ophthalmic technology. We understand the challenges you face which is why we build resources like our ophthalmic equipment buyers guide to offer you the best information possible to make your buying decision.

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Technical Support

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