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    The Veatch Digital Refraction System is a full suite of products to digitize your exam process. Whether you are looking to delegate portions of the refraction process, speed up exam times or need to eliminate the pains of manual refraction, the Veatch Digital Refraction System can help you accomplish your goals.

    Generating Revenue Through Efficiency

    Our doctors have reported being able to see as many as 4-5 more patients per room per day after adding our digital refraction system to their practice. Seeing more patients has a direct impact on your revenue. Use our Return On Investment Calculator to see just how much adding digital refraction could impact your bottom line.

    Every movement, from dialing in the patients previous refraction, to manually changing the visual acuity chart is time that can be saved. Not to mention having to manually type that data into the patients file within your EMR. These are costly inefficiencies that can easily be eliminated. Fill out our Efficiency Evaluation Form, to be contacted by one of our experts to see how much time you could be saving.

    System Includes:

    Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor

    Potec PRK-8000 AutoRefractor/Keratometer

    Potec PLC-8000 Visual Acuity System

    Potec PLM-8000 Auto Lensmeter