Healthcare Reform and Efficiency

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We live in interesting times! We all have so many questions about healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act. Some practitioners are unsure where to find the right information to educate themselves in order to ask the right questions.

I recently read a great article in the 06/01/14 edition of Optometric Management titled “Understanding Healthcare Reform in America”. It was full of details on mandates, pertinent information, and specific instructions that were of great use to me.

I have read some of these details in scattered journals or websites but this particular article, incorporated them all in a concise and organized method.

As consultants at Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments, one of our driving forces is to help our doctors “Increase Revenue Through Efficiency” and this graph points out two major initiatives.

Both these Practice Building Initiatives blend perfectly with our new Veatch Digital Refraction System to help practices design and develop a blueprint for a successful practice.

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