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Introduction to Consumable Ophthalmic Equipment

When you are making your original ophthalmic equipment and instrument buying decisions, you probably aren't thinking about replacement batteries, ophthalmic light bulbs and other simple ophthalmic supplies that you will need to effectively run your practice. Veatch Instruments makes a concerted effort to carry brand appropriate replacement supplies for the equipment that we sell so that you can maintain and use your equipment into the future.

Ophthalmic Equipment Replacement Batteries
We carry a full range of brand name replacement batteries for your hand held ophthalmic instruments and other ophthalmic equipment. You'll find Heine, Keeler, Weichert and Nikon batteries. We also carry rechargeable ophthalmic batteries whenever possible to help you minimize cost in the long run! Don't be caught without an appropriate battery for your ophthalmic instruments!

Flourescein and Staining Products
We carry flourescein and tear tests to help you assess your patient through viewing their ocular blood vessels and for determining lachrymal secretions prior to contact lens fitting.

Ophthalmic Paper Products
As you see one patient after another, you need to ensure that you have sufficient ophthalmic paper for covering your ophthalmic equipment including chin rest and forehead rest. This will ensure cleanliness and make your patients feel more secure in the general hygiene of the office. We also carry thermal recording paper for the Dicon, Humphrey's, Kowa, Xpert and Nikon thermal printers.

Ophthalmic Dust Covers
Dust can cause numerous problems in ophthalmic equipment, so carries a wide array of dust covers that can fit multiple pieces of ophthalmic equipment or instruments. We also have dust covers specifically for slit lamps. These inexpensive dust covers can add months, if not years, of life to your expensive ophthalmic equipment.

Ophthalmic Light Bulbs
Light is a key ingredient in all ophthalmic equipment which is why we carry a huge selection of ophthalmic bulbs. We carry replacement ophthalmic bulbs for diagnostic instruments, retinal cameras, indirect ophthalmoscopes, slit lamps and everything in between. We know you can't afford downtime with a burned out light bulb so we keep your costs low so you can keep replacement ophthalmic bulbs on hand. Don't be left in the dark – stock up!

Post Mydriatic Spectacles
Pupillary dilation is critical to many eye examinations and all of your dilated patients will appreciate post mydriatic spectacles when they leave the office. We offer post mydriatic