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The Marco Epic System VS. The Veatch Digital Refraction Suite:

Many ophthalmic professionals are overwhelmed by the technology choices available in today's ophthalmic technology market. This is especially true in exam lane and automated ophthalmic equipment options. In this case, we wanted to take the opportunity to further educate our consumers on some of the differences between the Veatch Digital Refraction Suite and the Marco Epic System available from Marco.

Both of these ophthalmic examination systems provide a high tech automated solution to electronically collect screening data from an auto-refractor/keratometer and auto-lensmeter. The data is then electronically fed to the electronic refractor PDR-7000 or TRS-5100).

The Epic-5100 Vision Diagnostic System is an electronic refractor, auto-refractor/keratometer, space saving chart projector, auto lensmeter and motorized table. The Veatch Digital Refraction Suite completes all of these actions as well as offering a flexible configuration to complete the medical portion of the ophthalmic exam.

The Epic System is predominately used in practices where the refraction procedure is delegated to an ophthalmic technician, saving the physicians time to focus on medical/surgical related exams. By optimizing time spent on patients, the ophthalmic physician can achieve better profit margins and create a healthier business supporting his practice.

This is why the TRS-5000 is coupled with Marco's auto-refractor/keratometer on the same Epic 5100 Table. Despite this, the system does not allow a full ophthalmic exam to be performed on the patient since the Epic 5100 Table does not accommodate a slit lamp and other instruments needed for the medical portion of the exam.

Therefore an office utilizing the Epic System will have to have additional exam lanes equipped with these instruments. The downside is that an ophthalmic physician will end up "dividing" their office real estate into more specialized zones for specific purposes rather than enabling themselves to complete any examination in any exam room. This could create a need for a larger office space, which could impact the improved revenues from an automated exam system.

The Veatch Digital Refraction Suite meets the needs of the ophthalmic market, but also has the added flexibility to be configured to accommodate the instruments needed to complete the "medical" portion of the ophthalmic exam. This means the Veatch Suite can be used by ophthalmic physicians and ophthalmic technicians alike. The Veatch Suite offers valuable flexibility and Veatch Instruments can also offer customized configurations to meet customer's specific needs.

A Veatch Digital Refraction Suite comparable to the Marco Epic System would include:

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