It's the Holiday Season! Give Yourself the Gift of New Equipment and a Huge Tax Credit

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The holidays have made their jolly entrance. Chances are, you already started gift shopping for family and friends. But if your own wish-list includes new, state-of-the-art equipment for your office, now is the time to buy.

This month is your last chance to purchase or lease ophthalmic equipment and deduct the full price (seriously…all of it) from your gross income this tax year.

Who needs Santa Claus when you have Section 179?

Give your patients, your office, and yourself the gift of new, updated equipment—it’s like a free upgrade.

Happy holidays to you!

What You Need to Know About Section 179

The Section 179 tax code allows businesses, like your ophthalmic practice, to deduct the total purchased price of qualifying software and equipment during the tax year.

By purchasing a piece of ophthalmic equipment, Section 179 allows the entire cost to be written off—as long as it is under $500,000—rather than breaking it into yearly tax deductibles.

So, you see and feel instant tax relief.

Qualifications for the Section 179 Tax Deduction

If your business purchases, finances, or even leases new or used equipment during the 2016 tax year, you qualify for Section 179.

From exam lanes to digital imaging and digital refraction systems, most ophthalmic equipment and software qualify—but it must be purchased and put to use before the end of 2016!

Learn more about Section 179 here.

The Best Opportunity to Treat Yourself and Your Practice

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing new equipment for your practice, now is the best time.

Upgrading to new, digital equipment has huge benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Patient satisfaction and wow-factor
  • Integration with other equipment and software
  • Reduced physical pain, increased ergonomic function
  • Increased accuracy, less human error
  • Increased capability
  • Very high return on your investment (particularly with a Section 179 tax credit)

Veatch’s Ophthalmic Equipment

Our equipment is Section 179 qualified, which means by purchasing through us before the end of this tax year, you not only receive a full deduction, but you also update your practice and receive the added benefits of our service and repair team.

Give Yourself the Gift of Updated Equipment—and a Huge Tax Credit

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The Section 179 deduction is the perfect opportunity to update your office—and receive the full purchased price deduction from your taxes.

There’s only a few weeks left. Update your equipment before the end of the tax year; you don’t want to miss out!

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