Is Your Equipment Distributor Qualified?

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Because We Are!

I know. We’ve been telling you for weeks now that the 2016 tax year is almost over—which means it’s time to take advantage of the Section 179 tax code. But we just don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

Look, tons of ophthalmic offices don’t realize they could purchase new, advanced equipment for a full-price deduction until it’s too late. There is still time to update your practice with state-of-the-art equipment before the fiscal year ends.

And if you aren’t sure how or where to purchase 179-qualifying equipment—Veatch is qualified!

Veatch: Certified

At Veatch, we’ve distributed ophthalmic equipment to professionals for a long time (over 25-years, to be exact). We feel a personal connection to ophthalmic professionals, which is why we do everything we can to ensure our customers have the best equipment at the absolute best prices and specials. This means keeping you up-to-date with every money-saving opportunity for your business.

Veatch equipment is Section 179 qualified—so purchasing your new equipment through us means you not only receive a full tax deduction, but you also update your practice and receive the added benefits of our service and repair team.

But let’s back it up for a moment.

What Is Section 179?

Not exactly sure what Section 179 is?

Well, Section 179 is a tax code that was put into place by the U.S. government to encourage business growth and improvement. Essentially, this code allows businesses to deduct the total purchase price of qualifying software and equipment during the tax year.

Ultimately, the goal is to help small to medium-sized businesses feel tax relief and invest in themselves.

After purchasing a piece of equipment, either new or used, Section 179 allows the entire cost to be written off—as long as it is under $500,000.

What Are the Qualifications for Section 179?

If your business purchases, finances, or even leases new or used equipment during the 2016 tax year, you qualify for Section 179.

Veatch’s digital refraction systems, imaging solutions, and other advanced ophthalmic equipment all qualify for Section 179—so long as the equipment was purchased or financed and put to use between January 2016-December 2016.

And it certainly helps to know we are qualified!

Veatch: There’s No Better Time to Update Your Practice with a Qualified Distributer

You may have noticed: there’s a sudden shift toward digital equipment in the ophthalmic field. The Section 179 deduction is the perfect opportunity for you to update your office to the digital age standard, where the industry is ultimately headed for good.

There’s still time. Let Veatch be your qualified distributer. Take a look at our digital refraction systems and their many benefits and consider making the switch before the end of the tax year.

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