Digital Refractors: What Is the Return on Your Investment?

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In the ophthalmic industry, manual equipment results in tedious exams and repetitive motions. As technology progresses within the medical field, ophthalmic doctors now have the ability to control each aspect of an exam with one digital panel; yet many are hesitant to make the switch to digital refractor systems.

Perhaps due to the upfront cost or the adaption to a new system, some offices do not look deeply into digital equipment. However, the return on investment is substantial and results in a multitude of benefits, including increased efficiency, dispensary revenue and patient satisfaction. What would the return on your investment be?

Increased Efficiency

Even the most efficient ophthalmic offices do not reach their highest capabilities of expediency when working with manual systems. With a digital refractor, every aspect of an exam is linked through one digital source, so there are no lulls or waiting time. For example, assessing a patient’s refractive error and evaluating any astigmatism is streamlined to make the prescription process quick and easy, saving you time and money. In fact, switching to a digital refractor allows doctors to see two to six more patients per day.

Patient “Wow” Factor

While increased efficiency certainly benefits your practice, it also impresses patients, whose satisfaction is invaluable to the foundation of your ophthalmic office. With less time spent adjusting manual equipment, you gain more face-time with patients while reducing tedious and uncomfortable movements. Pleased by your efficiency and modern technology, patients will provide referrals and positive reviews, resulting in increased dispensary revenue.

Reduction of Physical Pain for the Doctor

Refraction is perhaps the most common procedure performed by optometric professionals, resulting in awkward postures and movements. By repeating these motions every day, repetitive motion disorders often follow. Physical pain is quite common among ophthalmic doctors, who report mild to severe pain, swelling, tingling and loss of strength or flexibility caused by the repetitive motion of manually adjusting equipment. With less awkward, uncomfortable movement, digital refractors can actually decrease or potentially eliminate your pain and discomfort.

Less Errors, Fewer Remakes

Due to the consistent nature of digital systems, accuracy is exponentially increased and results in far fewer prescription errors and glasses remakes. Features such as programmable sequences, wireless interface with pre-test equipment and electronic medical records allow for more effortless, error-free exams. This, in turn, saves time and money for your entire office—not to mention overall patient satisfaction. With all patient information saved to one location, digital records and prescription checks and updates have never been so easy and accurate.

Return on Investment

Investing in new equipment can be daunting; however, calculating the individual cost of the combined equipment of a refractor and keratometer, along with the time saved and the increased benefits, results in a substantial return. Not only this, but you will also benefit from long-term security from us at Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments, including:
  • Two factory-trained teams dedicated to offering support for our digital refraction systems
  • A two-year warranty, double what most competitors offer
  • All equipment’s parts stocked by Veatch
  • In-house repairs, typically completed within the same day
  • Advanced repairs that typically take no more than three days
  • Free loaner equipment during repairs while under warranty
  • If you are past your warranty period, these loaners are provided for only $135 each

How Much Would You Gain?

We understand, making the switch to a digital system may seem overwhelming. Why spend the money and time to change to an unfamiliar system? Simply put, you will receive a considerable return on your investment.

Veatch created an extremely accurate return on investment calculator to break down your profitability ratio after the upfront cost of switching. If you are considering or interested in switching to a digital refraction system, this calculator will give you a detailed look at your personal return on investment. How much will you gain? It could be eye-opening. Download the ROI calculator to find out.

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