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    Now get legendary Phoroptor operation and construction with illuminated dials to make it easier and more efficient to perform refractions in the darkened setting of the exam room. Put away your pen light and leave the lights off throughout the entire process. The Illuminated Phoroptor features lighted sphere, cylinder power and cylinder axis scales that are easier than ever to see. The Illuminated Phoroptor utilizes cool-running, energy efficient LEDs that light only what you need to see without affecting the darkened refracting environment. The patented LED design results in maintenance-free illumination without the need to ever change a bulb.

    Available in plus or minus cylinder (black or white).


    • The Illuminated Phoroptor® and the original Ultramatic Phoroptor® are the only refractors that carry a limited lifetime warranty – your assurance of lasting quality and enduring value
    • Legendary feel and world-renowned mechanical quality
    • Made in the USA
    • Precision geared rotary prism for more precise interpolation of small prism diopters
    • Corrosion-resistant materials
    • Lighted sphere, cylinder power and cylinder axis scales are easier than ever to see
    • Utilizes cool-running, energy efficient LEDs
    • Light only what you need to see without affecting the darkened refracting environment


    -19.00D to +16.75D
    0.25D Steps
    +0.12D Sphere in auxiliary dial included

    Cylinder Power:
    0.00D to 6.00D
    0.25D Steps
    Plus or minus lens system optional 0.12D and 2.00D accessory cells included

    Cylinder Axis:
    360 degrees (Double 0 to 180 degrees scale)
    5 degrees graduations

    Cross Cylinder:
    ± 0.25
    ± 0.37 or ± 0.05 Optional

    0 to 20 Prism Diopter, 1 Prism Diopter graduations

    48 mm to 75 mm, 1 mm graduations

    Vertex Distance:
    13.75 mm (normal)
    Graduations extend range by 6 mm

    Reading Distance:
    5 to 28 inches
    Centimeter and diopter scales included

    Auxiliary Dial:
    10 lenses plus 2 open apertures

    Included Accessories (no extra cost):
    ± .25 Flip cross cylinder
    + 1.50 Retinoscopic Lenses
    Accessory Case
    3 pair nylon face shields
    Reading rod with card holder