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    The Olleyes VisuALL S VRP is leverages innovative technology and proprietary software to perform several eye tests without the need for special patient prep (i.e. eye patching) or environmental conditions (i.e. dark room). Clinically validated by one of the top eye hospitals in the US, the VisuALL S can improve the patient experience as well as your clinical results, practice efficiency, and overhead. Tests include visual field, visual acuity, color vision, and more.


    • Ultra-high definition (4K) – The VisuALL headset offers the highest resolution on the market
    • Optimized health-grade hardware – Designed for medical purposes, VisuALL headsets are easily disinfected.
    • Comprehensive testing – Testing suite covers visual fields, visual acuity, color vision, contrast sensitivity, and more
    • AI assistant – Annie guides and monitors your patients while you multitask
    • Pediatric protocols – Animated and gamified testing that’s proven to be more child-friendly than traditional methods

    The VisuALL S is a platform and not a single test device. The power of the platform is only growing as more and more capabilities are being added. Today, the VisuALL S includes the following tests:

    • Visual field
      • All common protocols e.g. 24-2, 10-2, 30-2, etc.
      • Testing time is about 3 minutes for threshold and 45 seconds for screening
      • 24-2c protocol which combines 24-2 and key 10-2 locations
      • Ptosis
      • Esterman
    • Pediatric visual field
    • Visual acuity (near and far)
    • Color vision (D-15)
    • Contrast sensitivity
    • LCVA (Low contrast visual acuity)

    AI Virtual Assistant

    Annie, the AI-based virtual assistant, leverages machine learning to educate patients and monitor tests. With an ability to speak 38 languages, Annie guides patients through every step of the testing process and monitors their compliance, freeing up your technician for other tasks.

    Pediatric Protocols

    The VisuALL Virtual Reality Platform pediatric test is optimized for a kid’s attention span, designed to be fun and engaging from start to finish. It is clinically validated to be just as good as traditional methods and yields higher patient satisfaction.