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    The Spaide Autofluorescence Filters are optimized autofluorescence filters designed to work exclusively with Topcon's IMAGEnet Systems. Developed by Richard F. Spaide, MD of Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of NY, these new matched interference filters have been optimized to allow for better visualization of fundus autofluorescence. By perfecting the excitation and barrier filters through improved science and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the new filters are approximately 20 times more efficient than current generation FAF filters and require 40% less exposure.

    Allow for better visualization of fundus autofluorescence, with improved tonal contrast and reduced image “noise” Exclusive to the Topcon TRC-50DX/EX/IX IMAGEnet systems Produce a much more vivid, more detailed image of the Lipofuscin material that accumulates in the RPE cells of the retina, a key factor in the early detection of eye disease.

    Require 40% less flash energy than standard FAF filters Twenty times more efficient than old generation FAF filters Do not stimulate fluorescein or ICG so images can be taken during or post angiography without artifacts."