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    The Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer is an easy-to-use, comprehensive corneal topography solution allowing for the complete evaluation of the anterior corneal surface and tear-related structures. It offers meibomian gland imaging, tear meniscus analysis and contact lens fitting software.  Proven Placidio disk technology provides accurate, high-resolution images of the corneal surface and intuitive touch-screen controls make the CA-800 easy to use.


      • Corneal Topography with Comparison & Differential Map
      • Corneal Aberration Summary
      • Dynamic Pupillometry
      • Contect Lens Fitting
      • Fluorometry
      • Meibomian Gland Analysis
      • Blink Analysis
      • Non-Invasive Breakup Time
      • Ter Meniscus Height
      • Simple Scan Acquisition
      • DICOM Compliance
      • i-Map Review Software


      Keratoscope cone

      24 rings equally distributed on a 43D sphere

      Analyzed points

      Over 100.000

      Measured points


      Corneal coverage

      Up to 9.8mm on a sphere of radius 8.00mm (42.2 diopters with n=1.3375)

      Diopter power range

      From 1D to 120D


      +/- 0.01D, 1 micron

      Accuracy / Precision axial radius

      +/- 0.03mm altimetric data, +/- 2µm at 4mm

      Capture system

      Guided focus with auto-capture

      Output ports

      2xUSB, LAN


      LCD 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen




      Dynamic, Photopic, Mesopic, Scotopic


      Image, Video


      Corneal map, Comparison map, Contact lens, Height map, Zernike analysis, Pupillometry, Toric IOL, Screenshot, NIBUT, Meibomian gland analysis, TMH, Fluorescein

      Working environment

      10°-40°C, Relative humidity 30-75% (no dewing), Atmospheric pressure 700-1060hPa

      Power source

      AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz

      Power consumption

      80 VA


      320mm (W) x 490mm (H) x 470mm (L), 15 Kg


      Wi-Fi Optional, LAN integrated / iMAP

      Printing options

      USB printer, Network printer, PDF on network shared folder, PDF on USB

      Operating System

      Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Support Channel)



      Hard Disk

      At least 500GB SATA Hard drive (database storage) 32 GB Solid State Drive (operating system and application software)