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    The Sonomed A/B-Scan Vu-Pad is a portable tablet that delivers exceptional image quality in a wide range of applications, featuring both Ascan and Bscan operation. The high-resolution muti-touch screen is 25% larger than other portable ultrasound devices and allows you to record video and capture crisp images, frame by frame. You may choose the configuration for your practice, UBM, B-Scan, A-Scan, A/B Scan, or A/B Scan/UBM. 

    A/B Scan features include:

    • 10 MHz or 12 MHz Probes with focused tranducers (standard or soft touch)
    • Standard or Automatic capture 
    • 256 ray scan
    • Fully adjustable time-varied gain (TVG), baseline, log gain, and exponential gain (e-gain)
    • One-click selection of axial or longitudinal scan clock position with eye model confirmation.
    • Capture and store 50 frame video clips (up to 20 frames per second)
    • Separately save any number of individual frames from video clips as images, complete with annotations.
    • Superimpose arbitrary A-scan trace onto images with a single button click
    • Unlimited measurements using linear calipers and angle measurement tool
    • Microsoft Windows 8 operating system 
    • Windows compatible Printer 
    • Lens calculations in 0.25D increments with built-in 1600+ lens database 
    • Adjustable angle kickstand and Vesa bracket for articulating arm or wall mounting