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    View Finder

    With view finder observation, no limit of operator age. Diopter adjustable rangeis +/-8D the same as Retinomax3. View finder arm angle is changeable of 0-135degrees, making measurement easy regardless of patient’s position or posture.Adjustable diopter +/- 8D.

    Improved battery life

    At 180 minutes, the battery capacity is now twice that of conventional models

    Wider Eye Piece

    Eye piece relief is 48mm from 32.2mm so that enable to
    look inside image while even looking at outside. No need
    to stick eye to the eyepiece all the time.

    Focus Assist

    Lets you know the exact focusing point with
    the following color-coding system.

    New Child Mode

    While the measurement is being taken, a
    melody plays continually to keep children’s
    attention. A constantly changing color
    display, both on the outside and inside of
    the device, also keeps children involved
    during the process.

    Automatic Axis

    Compensation and extended measurement range
    Not only does the device let examiner know the cylinder axis angle, but it can
    also be automatically adjusted if it is not level.