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    The PTS automated perimeter series are modern diagnostic instruments for precise and fast testing of visual fields. Beside standard perimetry testing techniques they implement all of the latest visual field testing approaches saving time and deliver cutting edge precision and reliability. Intuitive software with powerful networking and EMR integration, combined with maintenance free and reliable hardware creates the best tools for visual field testing.


    • Complete set of standard perimetry tests.
    • Variety of threshold algorithms and screening techniques.
    • Binocular Driver’s Test, Flicker perimetry.
    • Complete palette of analysis tools for quick and thorough assessment of visual fields.
    • Comparison and progression module available in standard package.
    • Standard test reports and global indices.
    • White on white testing
    • Goldmann standard bowl
    • 170° horizontal and 110° vertical testing range
    • 30-2 , 24-2 and 10-2 testing fields.


    • ZETA™ Fast Threshold strategy – quicker examination without loss in result resolution.
    • 24-2 field tested in less than 3 minutes (30-2 in less than 4 minutes)*.
    • Provides more detailed information than screening strategies in comparable duration.