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    The Marco RT-700 LED Refractor features a distinctive, industry-recognized design combining certified Marco quality with a proven internal background illuminator. This manual refractor meets the needs of the traditional practice with continuously adjustable illumination for sphere, cylinder, and axis measurement. Fully synchronized axis/cross-cylinder, and white prism/cross cylinder scales aid function and visibility. All supported by a standard 5-yr warranty.


    • Classic Design – With the RT-700, Marco has continued its long-standing tradition of utilizing the very best materials and craftsmanship to construct a superior, high-quality vision diagnostic instrument that doctors have come to expect from Marco products.
    • Continuously Adjustable LED – The LED illumination system features infinitely adjustable illumination for sphere, cylinder, and axis measurements.
    • High Performance Optics – The RT-700 features white prism, accessory, and cross-cylinder scales to provide easier recognition in dim lighting conditions. A fully-synchronized axis / cross-cylinder system provide reliable measurements.
    • Auxiliary Lens Dial – Open aperture, Retinoscopic lens, Polarizing lens, White Maddox rod, Red Maddox rod vertical/horizontal, Red Maddox rod, Red lens, Green lens, +0.12 sphere, Pin hole, (10∆l) or (6∆U), 6 base-up, Occluder
    • User Friendly Features – A functional “wing-grip” design provides easier maneuverability of the refractor head. Soft, smooth knurled knobs provide consistent, effortless adjustments.


    Sphere Power Range+16.75 to –19.00 diopters
    Step0.25 diopters
    Cylinder Power Range0.00 to ±6.00 diopters 0.00 to ±8.00 diopters with additional lens of ±2.0 diopters)
    Cylinder Axis0 to 180º, 5º steps
    Cross Cylinder±.25 diopter, selectively synchronized with cylinder axis
    Rotary Prisms0∆ to 20∆ , 1∆ steps
    Auxiliary Lens Dial(O) – Open aperture (two positions) (R) – Retinoscopic lens, +1.50D (P) – Polarizing lens 45º left eye, 135º right eye (WMV) White Maddox rod, vertical (RMV) Red Maddox rod, vertical (WMH) White Maddox rod, horizontal (RMH) Red Maddox rod, horizontal (RL) – red lens (GL) – green lens (+.12) – +0.12 sphere (PH) –Pin hole (10 l) or (6 U) – 10 base-in – left eye 6 base-up – right eye (Disassociating prisms) (±.50) – ±0.50 fixed cross cylinder (OC) – Occluder
    PD Adjustment48 – 75mm, 1mm steps
    Convergence AdjustmentInfinity to 400mm
    Forehead Rest Adjustment16mm
    Vertex Distance13.75mm from apex of cornea
    Measurements344 (W) x 488 (D) x 907 (H) mm
    13.54(L) x 3.78(W)x 12.01(H) in
    Mass (Approximate)4.44 kg, 9.79 lbs
    Standard AccessoriesAllen wrench, nearpoint card, nearpoint card holder, power transformer, accessory lens set, reading rod, face shields, dust cover, power cord tube, power cord clips
    Optional AccessoriesPatient face shield with plano cover lens