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    The BETA200 / 200 S Ophthalmoscopes are crafted with an aluminum frame, allowing for shock resistance and eliminating misalignment. Optical components remain clear and precise with no maintenance due to the dustproof design. The BETA200 S LED illumination allows for around 100,000 working hours with no need to ever replace a bulb.

    The BETA200 S Ophthalmoscope is comprised of 28 single lenses (ranging from -36D to +38D) Rekoss Disc and a 74 single step design on a non-continuous wheel, which avoids extreme diopter jumps. Recessed windows prevent stray light escaping to minimize distractions. One-Handed control for ease of use. Able to examine small and undilated pupils.

    • LED with continuous brightness control
    • Aluminium frame system
    • 74 single diopter steps
    • Eliminates corneal reflex
    • Ideal for small pupils
    • Dustproof

    No twist lock (TL) version available; only the standard Heine AV model is manufactured. ***Will not fit Welch Allyn handles.***