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    CATS® Reusable Tonometer Prism for Goldmann/Perkins Tonometers ‐ The New Shape of IOP
    Detailed Description

    CATS® Tonometer Prism is designed to deliver improved accuracy in Goldmann IOP measurements for all
    patients. The CATS® Prism seamlessly integrates with all Goldmann and Perkins tonometers, and its ergonomic
    design enables confident, comfortable use with no change to the clinician’s measurement technique. Simply
    exchange the prism to modernize your Goldmann tonometer measurement.

    Saving and preserving sight is the goal of every eye care practitioner. Unfortunately, IOP measurement is
    compromised due to errors caused by corneal biomechanics for 50% of patients. Traditional Goldmann prisms
    “flatten” the cornea, which amplifies intracorneal stress during the measurement process and distorts the IOP

    The CATS® Prism’s dual‐curved surface reduces measurement errors caused by corneal thickness, corneal
    hysteresis, curvature, and tear film. This curvature‐matching principle of the CATS® Prism, “cups” the cornea,
    reducing the impact of corneal thickness and corneal biomechanics on the IOP measurement. Additionally,
    the rolled outer edge minimizes tear film adhesion that plagues traditional Goldmann prisms.
    Made in the USA.


    • Designed for improved IOP measurement accuracy
    • Ergonomic design enables confident, comfortable use in the clinic
    • Integrates seamlessly with all Goldmann and Perkins type tonometers by simply exchanging the prism
    • No change to clinician measurement technique
    • Multiple scientific peer‐reviewed studies validate performance:
    • Made in the USA


    • SKU package dimensions: 5.75′′ (W) x 2.25′′ (D) x 0.625′′ (H)
    • SKU Weight: .08 lbs
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Manufacturer SKU: CATS‐R, CATS