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    Welch Allyn® Lithium Ion Smart Handle with Well Adapter

    Model 71930

    Twice the on-time, half the weight.

    The new Lithium Ion Smart Handle is lightweight, holds a charge for an average of 120 minutes, feels more comfortable in your hand, and is a great addition to your diagnostic instruments.


    Half the weight of the traditional 3.5 handles.
    120 minutes of on-time between charging (compared to 60 minutes of standard Nickel-Cadmium handles).
    Made of sturdy CYCOLOY® engineering resin.
    Low-battery indicator and lithium ion battery technology that has no "memory" effect.
    AC Charging Module is easily removable from the handle and has retractable AC prongs.
    Optional charging adapter allows the handle to be charged in a desk charger or stand console.