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    The Reichert OS1000 is an integrated diagnostic platform that combines a corneal topographer with dry eye assessment, giving eye care professionals the ability to perform complete dry eye and topography tests in one device. It’s a user-friendly device with incredibly fast acquisition that allows for easy addition of dry eye evaluation in routine eye exams, providing patients with complete eye care they need and helping you increase your revenue without adding new patients.


    • Minimize capital expense with two functions in one device including corneal topography and dry eye assessment.
    • Grow your ocular surface line of service with the integrated dry eye module.
    • Streamline your workflow with a user-friendly software, automatic and customizable treatment protocol and dry eye tests wizard and several automatically generated test results.


    • Topography
    • Aberrometry Analysis
    • Advanced Altimetry
    • Comparing Exams/Differential Maps
    • CL Fitting Simulation
    • Keratconus Screening
    • Visual Acuity
    • Tear Meniscus
    • NIBUT
    • Meibography
    • 3D Meibography
    • Interferometry
    • Blink Quality
    • Blepharitis
    • Ocular Classification