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    The Reichert Idra evaluates all tear film layers, including lipid layer thickness and meibomian glands, to identify specific types of dry eye disease and provide personalized treatment recommendations relative to the patient’s needs.


    • Perform complete dry eye assessment and identify the type of dry eye disease.
    • Reduce time to analyze dry eye with automatic acquisitions captured in as little as 15 seconds.
    • Minimize time spent on setting up tests for every patient with a customizable test wizard where necessary tests can be pre-selected.
    • With a user-friendly device that is non-invasive and an intuitive software, easily train and delegate dry eye testing to technicians.
    • Monitor changes in DED signs and symptoms for each patient through the user-friendly software, providing patients with appropriate care.
    • Improve patient satisfaction and doctor-patient communication by providing patients with documented results and treatment options.


    • Tear Meniscus
    • NIBUT
    • Meibography
    • 3D Meibography
    • Interferometry
    • Cylindrical Dandruff and Blepharitis
    • Bulbar Redness
    • Demodex
    • Efron/CCLRU/Jenvis
    • Pupillometry
    • Blink Quality