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    With the Reichert DEM100-DSLC200 you can digitize your slit lamp with a high-resolution anterior imaging camera system that is compatible with a wide range of slit lamps. When integrated with the dry eye module, convert your slit lamp into a dry eye station without the need for additional space.


    • Compatible with a wide range of slit lamp makes and models.
    • Digitize your slit lamp cost effectively.
    • Save space and time by adding dry eye diagnostics to your slit lamp.
    • Provide patients the complete eye care they need by easily adding dry eye assessment to your routine exams.


    • Automatic Interferometry Test
    • Tear Meniscus
    • Meibography
    • 3D Meibography
    • Blink Quality
    • NIBUT
    • Blepharitis
    • Ocular Redness Classification