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    The ReSeeVit 3Z slit lamp is designed to for use with digital video imaging. This video-ready slit lamp offers the popular horizontal style light source. It is another addition to the ReSeeVit family of slit lamps that offers the best products on the market to capture clear, crisp digital images in the most ergonomic design.

    Revolutionary Optical Design
    20% Increase in optical efficiency
    20% Increase in light transmission
    17% Increase in illumination
    10% Increase in depth of focus
    3 magnification Galilean design

    Our revolutionary optical design utilizes a system of multilayered antireflection treatment that ensures a more effective transmission of light thus giving an increase in both optic resolution and contrast of 20%. In addition these improvements increase light transmission by 20%, producing a 17% increase in illumination and a 10% increase in depth of field.

    Light Source
    LED Lightsource
    14 mm slit aperture
    Efficient optical system

    Our 12 volt illumination source and highly efficient optical system produces a clear brilliant image that is ideally suited for acquiring perfect digital images. The 14 mm aperture is standard and allows a wide range of flexibility for lighting various ocular conditions.

    The illumination is controlled by a convenient rheostat located on the base of the slit lamp. This allow adjustment of the light without removing your hand from the joystick.

    Omni-directional control
    Smooth precision movement
    Integrated Digital imaging capture button

    Our omni-directional joystick controls both horizontal and vertical movement. The smooth fluid movements results in fast and precise adjustments. Incorporated in the joystick is a trigger switch to allow the capture of digital images.