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    The ReSeeVit™ 3Z Digital Imaging System is designed to be user friendly for you and your ophthalmic office staff. This system incorporates every aspect of digital imaging technology you need to optimize and enhance your practice. This system specializes in capturing images of the anterior segment of the eye and includes the 3Z slit lamp with the Galilean three position (10x, 16x, and 25X) magnification changer. You'll have images for documentation of the condition which will help you in efficient diagnosis and in educating your patient. Viewing the posterior and anterior segment of the eye is critical in diagnosis of a number of ocular conditions. The anterior segment is the front third of the eye and comprises the vitreous humour, cornea, iris, ciliary body and the lens of the eye. Conditions that affect this part of the eye include keratitis, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, irititis, uveitis and cataracts.

    ReSeeVit™ Evolution is the 7th generation of our software and incorporates some major innovations. In fact, it has been completely redesigned to incorporate new technology recently brought to the ophthalmic instrument and digital imaging.

    The ReSeeVit™ Digital Imaging System is designed for real time imaging, with the ability to immediately capture full color ocular images. The images, because of their high quality digital resolution can be enlarged, enhanced, segmented, stored, printed and transmitted to other facilities or ophthalmic professionals over the internet for further analysis.

    The packages Includes:

    ReSeeVit™ 3Z slit lamp 

    Background Illuminator for 3Z 

    elite HR Digital camera 

    ReSeevit™ software