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    Marco’s CP-9 is the latest auto chart projector with an updated design. The maintenance-free LED background illuminator produces a brighter, more consistent high-resolution image. Chart masking buttons allow the user to isolate individual lines horizontally, vertically, as well as individual letters, numbers, and characters. You get instant access of 33 popular charts via infrared remote control.


    • Long-life light source for improved cost efficiency
    • Brighter and clearer chart display with white LED
    • Optical zoom for a variable installation distance
    • Sophisticated design
    • Easy focus adjustment by rotational LED aperture (available for the CP‒9 EF
    ModelCP-9 (type M, T, G, PhM, UK), CP-9 EF (type T, G)
    Projection Distance2.9 to 6.1 m
    Projection Magnification30x for type M, type T, type G, type PhM (at a distance of 5 m), 25x for type UK (at a distance of 5 m)
    Charts33 types for type M, type T, type G, type PhM, 27 types for type UK
    Masking functionNo mask, Horizontal line mask, Vertical line mask, Single letter mask
    Filtering functionRed-green filter
    Chart sizetype M, type T, type G, type PhM – 330 (W) x 225 (H) mm, ø275 mm (at a distance of 5 m), type UK – 250 (W) x 225 (H) mm, ø250 mm (at a distance of 5 m)
    Light source2.3 W, White LED
    Chart brightness230 cd/m2 (at a distance of 5 m), switchable
    Chart changeover devicesRemote control, Control console for the NIDEK Intelligent Refractor RT-6100/5100/3100
    Chart changeover speed0.3 seconds / 1 frame
    Auto light off time5 minutes / 15 minutes / Off selectable
    Power supply100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption60 VA