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    The spectacle-mounted indirect Ophthalmoscope to suit any pupil size. Two separate controls for selecting the ideal setting of parallax and convergence guarantee completely illuminated stereo views in pupils up to 2 mm, as well as viewing in the periphery. The illumination beam can be adjusted by ±3º to eliminate reflexes.

    • Extremely light, 110 g without frame. Light and comfortable
    • LED in HQ – the new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity,homogeneity and color rendering for each individual examination situation
    • Carbon fiber frame. Perfect combination of durability and light weight
    • Illumination beam adjustable ± 3°. Eliminates reflexes
    • Integrated red-free filter. Improves contrast
    • Detachable blue and yellow filters for Fluorescence Angioscopy are available for this unit. Not included in kit. Sold separately.
    • Large and small apertures
    • Dust proof. Maintenance-free
    • PD selection from 47 to 72 mm. Suits any user
    • Optics on swivel mount. Unrestricted view
    • Optional clip-in correction frame for prescription lenses. Not Included in kit. Sold separately.
    • Battery life for up to 23 hours of continuous ON time at full power
    • Includes: Sigma 250, S Frame, mPack LL, charger and cleaning fluid.