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Generating Revenue Through Efficiency

Building a practice with innovative technology and automated equipment can streamline your exam process. The Veatch Digital Practice integrates your pretest equipment with your exam room to eliminate costly inefficiencies. Reducing exam times and data entry can significantly increase your practice’s revenue, allowing you to invest more time and money on the people, patients, and processes that matter.

Why Choose Veatch

With over two decades of experience, Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments has consistently supported the ophthalmic community with top-of-the-line equipment, supplies, and maintenance and repair services. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing you with the right solutions, even if your practice has a strict budget or space constraints. Our ophthalmic support team travels throughout the world to test equipment for practices of all sizes.

How It Works

The ophthalmic advisors at Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments can give you advice about technology, components, and software that can maximize your revenue potential. Once you have chosen the optimal solution for your practice, our specialized trainers will work with you and your staff to make the seamless transition from a manual practice to a  digital practice. We take the time to customize the process to fit your exam needs and eliminate the learning curve.

Our dedicated ophthalmic support division works with your IT department to ensure that your existing technology meets the required specifications. Our ophthalmic advisors can also provide you with information about any additional components that you may require. We work with you from beginning to end to make the process as easy as possible, and even offer a quick ophthalmic efficiency evaluation to identify areas for improvement.

Have you ever wondered how much additional revenue you could generate by maximizing your efficiency? 

Try out our ROI calculator and contact our specialist for a free 15-minute  ophthalmic efficiency evaluation.