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    Notations for testing at 40 cm (16 in.)

    Acuity range 8M to .20M (20/400, 6/120 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.)
    Text range 1.6M to .32M (20/80, 6/24 to 20/16, 64.8 equiv.)
    Measures 9.5 X 16 cm (3.75 X 6.25 in.)
    Includes Pupil Gauge and Rulers
    Protective coating allows washing or cleaning with alcohol without any damage to chart faces.

    Features traditional Sloan optotypes that follow a "ETDRS 2000 Series" format including a combination of Charts 1 and 2. Near Point card uses Logarithmic acuity and includes distance equivalents in both meters and feet.
    Near Vision Card includes two small sections for repetitive testing and helps to minimize memorization.

    Near Vision Pocket Card features continuous text format. This format helps to simulate everyday activities such as reading. This simulation leads to better testing of the patient and helps identify near vision problems that interfere with normal activities.
    Pocket Test is useful to quickly screen for near vision deficiencies in any situation. Card features traditional Sloan optotypes on the front and a Continuous Text chart on the back. This Continuous Text test is great for testing everyday reading and vision in patients.

    Also Available in Spanish, French, and German.IS