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    The Heine NT4 charger will charge Heine rechargeable batteries when handles are placed within the wells, regardless their charge state or output voltage.

    The innovative design is compact to save space on any surface, while still maintaining two independent wells. The Heine NT300 ensures that batteries cannot be overcharged by shutting off when batteries reach a full charge, maintaining optimum battery life.
    • Fast charge feature
    • Charge Time: 2 hours for BETA L rechargeable handle with Li-ion L rechargeable battery and 4 hours for other rechargeable handles.
    • Charge-indicator light
    • Automatic switch off when batteries fully charged
    • Compatible with BETA L, BETA NT, BETA SLIM (with adapters), Nicatron N, and Nicatron S rechargeable handles (NiMH, Li-ion and Li-ion L).
    • Can recharge all BETA L, BETA NT, BETA SLIM rechargeable handles and laryngoscope rechargeable handles in the same NT4 with the correct adapter.