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    What is a safe distance for refracting?

    Have you given any thought about how you perform patient refractions? Are you still using an outdated manual Phoropter? By design it is impossible to practice safe distance with one. Since the manual controls require your hands to control the lens banks at an arm’s length distance, safe distancing is not possible. On the other hand, a Digital Refractor does!

    That’s why we decided to make this incredible offer.

    The package includes:

    Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor

    The Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor has been redesigned to be smaller and slimmer. The logical tactical buttons in combination with the touch screen makes the PDR-7000 easy to use. Increase your efficiency with features like dual cross cyl, programmable exam sequences and wireless interface with pre-test equipment.

    PDR-8000 features

    • Ergonomic Design - Wide 40 Degree View
    • Forehead sensor
    • Left/Right Independent PD Adjustment
    • Dual Cross Cyl
    • Tilting/Swivel Monitor, Closes for Protection
    • 10.4" Color touch Screen
    • Programmable Exam Sequences
    • Wireless Integration
    • USB Upgrades

      Potec PLC-8000 Visual Acuity System

      The Potec PLC-8000 visual acuity system is designed to work in sync with the PDR-7000 Digital Refractor and provides accurate and efficient visual acuity testing. High quality with a wide range of features. Offers a large variety of chart charts.

      With the PDR-7000 control make your the slide selections from a 6' safe distance with the PDR-7000 Control Panel. The control panel displays the same letters on the panel that the patient is seeing on the projector screen. No more looking over your shoulder to confirm what your patient sees!

      PLC-8000 Features

      • Slim & Sleek Modern Design
      • Wide range of Optotypes
      • Sharp crisp Optotypes
      • Slide Show Functionality
      • Adjustable Testing Distance
      • Easy Ergonomic