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    Taking biometry measurements has never been easier with the LENSTAR automated positioning system (APS).

    LENSTAR LS 900 already offers superior measurement technology. And with the new APS, it just got even better.

    APS takes scans automatically, improving repeatability of measurements. Scans also take less time, making it easier for patients to relax—and for you to get more reliable results. That ultimately helps improve patient flow.

    Thirty-two points of difference

    LENSTAR® provides you with a complete biometrical assessment of the patient’s eye—seven measurements—in a single procedure, including:

    • Paychymetry
    • Lens Thickness
    • Keratometry
    • Pupillometry
    • Axial Length
    • ACD
    • White to White


    The Hill-RBF Calculator represents a new approach in IOL calculation, based on pattern recognition, data Interpolation and a validating boundary model, for improved accuracy and confidence with IOL power prediction.