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    State-of-the-art Myopia Management and Patient Education

    Introduce and expand your myopia management capabilities and join the fight against myopia with precise measurements for early detection of myopia onset and state-of-the-art myopia management with graphical visualizations for easy education and consultation of patients and parents with Lenstar Myopia.


    Are you ready for the challenge?

    Myopia is a growing challenge not only for ophthalmologists, but for optometrists and opticians as well. With the current increase of myopia cases worldwide, myopia detection, education and management will be in high demand in the near future*.

    Expand your practice with state-of-the-art myopia management today and meet the demands of your patients tomorrow. Build trusting and long-lasting relationships with your patients and provide them with all relevant information about myopia, how myopia affects their child and how they can contribute to myopia management.

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    Comprehensive myopia management

    EyeSuite Myopia is a compact, highly-customisable, easy-to-use yet comprehensive myopia management software platform. It is designed to facilitate education and consultation of patients and parents about the prevalence, causes and consequences of myopia in children.

    EyeSuite Myopia is based on the latest findings of myopia research into refractive progression trends, axial length growth and enviromental factors. All progression trends can be adapted for regional peculiarities and supplemented with new control rates as they become available.


    Refraction - tried and tested

    By determining refraction and its development in childhood, predictions can be made about the progression of myopia until adult age. EyeSuite Myopia overlays this data with the predicted myopia course using various treatment methods based on their appopriate control rates.

    EyeSuite Myopia also offers you the option of importing previously collected data from refraction measurement devices for use in the suite.


    Axial length - the new reference

    Measuring axial length has proven to be an excellent way to predict myopia progression because it works independently of accommodation and is less dependent on the patient’s state of mind and willingness to cooperate.

    EyeSuite Myopia uses the latest axial length growth curves from myopia experts at the Erasmus University Medical Center, which can be updated by new growth curves as they become available.

    LENSTAR 900

    Axial length measurement made easy

    With the automatic positioning system (APS) of the Lenstar 900, performing the axial length measurement is easier than ever.

    As soon as the patient looks into the Lenstar, the APS tracks the patient's eye and with one click of the joystick the measurement is taken. This is especially important with children who are impatient and have difficulty cooperating.


    Balance environmental factors

    Environmental factors such as myopic parents, the age of myopia onset, time spent reading or using electronic devices and time spent outdoors in daylight can be both, risk and protective factors in myopia progression.

    EyeSuite Myopia enables you the possibility to define enviromental factors and their impact based on recent research findings and to visualise their changes over the period of myopia mangement.


    Educate with treatment visualisations

    EyeSuite Myopia’s graphical visualisations are one of it’s great strengths, allowing you to track the success of past and present treatments using graphical overlays of refractive or biometric data to determine the optimal treatment.


    Powerful reports for informed patients

    EyeSuite Myopia combines all collected data and visual curves in line with the well-known «™» report, while beeing highly flexible and customisable.

    This report provides patients and their parents with easily understandable information, allowing them to actively participate in the myopia management process and choose the relevant treatments for their situation.

    The Lenstar Myopia comes with specialized diagnostic software, Age-Matched Myopia Control (AMMC®). Developed in conjunction with Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaymak, the module sets new standards in myopia management diagnostics. This innovative feature enables the visualization of axial length growth and facilitates a comparison of myopia patients with emmetropic individuals of the same age and gender. By providing this valuable data, the AMMC® framework supports treatment decisions for patients. Furthermore, the axial length growth chart is included in the Myopia Parental Report, further enhancing patient and parental education. EyeSuite i9.13 and AMMC® comes standard with all new Lenstar Myopia devices ordered.