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Topography Imaging Solutions

Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments offers cutting edge technology for all ophthalmic procedures, including corneal topography. Corneal topography is a diagnostic tool that maps the curvature of the cornea and the outer structure of the eye. Topography imaging is an important part of determining your corneal health and the quality of your vision and can assist in the planning of certain ophthalmic surgeries.

The process includes altimetric maps with spherical, aspherical, and aspherotoric reference surfaces. The low illumination level of the keratoscopic rings makes the exam more comfortable for the patient while also ensuring a large pupil size.

Our instruments allow for accurate, reliable imaging and diagnosis, ensuring quality care for all your patients.

ReeSeeVit Modi Corneal Topographer

ReSeeVit's Modi WaveFront corneal topographer offers the most advanced features available in the market.

ReSeeVit Corneal Topography is an advanced corneal topography system that features corneal wavefront aberrometry with advanced Zernike analysis, kerato-refractive indices, keratoconus screening, and visual quality summary with high and low contrast optotypes convolution. This machine also features powerful contact lens fitting software, preferred lens analysis and management.

Integrated Infrared Pupillographer (optional) for dynamic pupil analysis with binocular stimulus allows for viewing pupil changes on the topography map.

Placido’s disk, a wide, cone-shaped structure of black and white rings, makes it possible to work at a comfortable distance of 56 mm, which creates consistent and repeatable results.

Modi Topographer
Modi Corneal Topographer
Modi map

Technical Characteristics

  • Large 24-ring Placido’s disk
  • High-accuracy and repeatability
  • Complete patient archive management
  • Customizable reports
  • Statistical sorting of acquired images
  • Powerful rings editing
  • Axial and instantaneous curvature maps
  • Absolute, normalized, and adjustable scales
  • Curvature profile
  • Sim-K and meridians (3mm, 5mm, 7mm)
  • Corneal asphericity
  • Keratorefractive indices
  • Measured points: 6,144
  • Analyzed points: more than 100,000
  • Measured corneal area: more than 10 mm in diameter


  • Corneal wavefront aberrations analyzed using the Zernike equation
  • Automatic acquisition technology allows for ease-of-use for technicians
  • Powerful 3D view
  • Visual quality summary with high and low contrast optotypes
  • Optional ReSeeVit Imaging software for high-quality image acquisition from slit lamp or retinal camera

If you have any questions about our corneal topography machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.