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     FresnelPress-On Prisms are Fresnel optics that can be applied to either part of or the entire carrier lens inner surface. Ultra-thin Fresnel prisms, measuring only 1mm thick, can be cut to fit most frame sizes and shapes and adhere to existing lenses with only water.

    Press-On Prisms provide a simple therapeutic and inexpensive way to correct several visual disorders. Press On Prism are useful for bed-ridden patients, Diabetes mellitus, post cataract surgery, symptomatic phorias, decompensated phorias and low vision. Also used as a fusion stimulus in other muscle deficiencies.

    Fresnel Press-On Prisms offer an immediate correction. They are more comfortable and cosmetically appealing treatment for strabismus than conventional prisms. Offering an optic that adds no noticeable weight or thickness to the spectacle.

    They are useful in treating temporary and/or variable visual problems without damage to the patients' spectacles.

    Available in powers from 1.0 to 30 prism diopters