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    The PTS 1000 Automated Perimeter is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing for field of vision. The closed type examination bowl provides a single solution for Goldmann kinetic and static perimetry, the PTS 1000 offers a wide range of strategies and analysis tools combined with an intuitive interface.


    Kinetic and Static Testing: Five Goldmann stimuli sizes are included, as well as adjustable stimuli velocity with silent operation, make static testing easily performed even during the most challenging patient exam. Each test utilizes a thresholding algorithm for faster exam time with accurate results.

    Four Stimuli Colors: white, blue, red, green stimuli on white or yellow backgrounds. Blue on yellow (SWAP)

    Analysis Tools: Variety of graphs, binocular capabilities, Bebie curve, patient condition, screening, threshold, 3-zone, pattern deviation and many more.

    Video Monitoring: The built in digital camera monitors the eye movement while positioning the patient and during the exam. The continuous fixation tracks the patient's pupil, even after the patient loses fixation, using the blind spot attraction mechanism.

    Software Options: The PC based software with a MS Windows system has a simple, intuitive user interface with powerful analysis tools and an advanced, fast precise threshold algorithm. Other features include the extended comparison module, Printout Manager and customizing settings.

    Printout Manager: The Printout Manager module has the benefit to use a predefined template or custom printouts, depending on your organization needs. The custom option may vary from choosing the content to the layout style.

    Package Includes

    PTS 1000 Perimeter 

    Wheel Chair Accessible Table 

    All In One 21.5" PC