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    The Octopus 900 Basic represents the most complete 90 degree full field projection perimeter available today. It allows for testing in all levels of disease including early detection, tracking progression or performing the most sensitive examinations at the end stage of disease.

    Includes wheel chair accessible table, PC Control Unit, Flat Screen Monitor, Ink Jet Printer and:

    Static White/White testing
    Low Vision testing
    100% Fixation Control
    Chin rest sensor
    TOP (Tendency Oriented Perimetry) Strategy for threshold testing in less than 3 minutes
    Includes EyeSuiteâ„¢ LITE Software for data analysis.
    Library of over a dozen standardized tests, including: Glacoma, Macula, 32, Neurological, Diabetic, Low Vision, Ptosis and binocular Estermann
    Includes one standardized kinetic test for disability or drivers license testing.
    Automatic pupil measurement with refractive lens control sensor.

    Easily upgrades to any feature in the PRO Model via the entering of a code.