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    The Huvitz Auto Refractor HRK-8000A utilizes a Hartmann-Shack sensor making it extremly accurate. The system utilizes joystick control with one-touch locking and automatic 3 dimensional eye tracking for fast and accurate measurement.


    • Optimized Wavefront Technology
    • Hartman-Shack Micro-Lenslet Array
    • Customized Lens Manufacturing
    • Graphical Zernike Refraction Map
    • PSF & Image Simulation
    • Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
    • Ultra High Precision KER Data
    • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
    • Auto Eye Tracking
    • Animated On-Screen Guide
    • Vision Comparison Function
    • Auto-Cut Printer
    • Network Connectivity

    PD Errors

    Motor Failures

    K-Reading (Mire Rings)


    Printer Replacement

    Monitor Replacement

    Full Selection of Components on Hand