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    The Huvitz HDC-7000 Visual Acuity Software offers maximum versatility and adaptability.

    • The 41 standard charts include binocular balance, aniseikonia, stereopsis and binocular fusion charts. The random display function makes it impossible for the patient to memorize the chart contents.
    • Programmable so the most commonly used charts are easily accessible making it possible to control the system with one button on the remote control.
    • Contrast sensitivity adjustment is standard on most charts.  Color blindness and educational images are standard.
    • The HDC-7000 is compatible with the CDR-3100 and the HDR-7000 Digital Refraction System.
    • The HDC-7000 offer precise calibration for exam distances from 8' to 20' and can be used in smaller rooms using a mirror system.
    • The system can be installed on LCD monitors ranging from 17" to 24" in size. 


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