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The endothelium is the deep layer of the cornea. In a young subject it is about 5 micrometers in thickness and contains about 300,000 hexagonal cells. The endothelium is important for correct corneal function. For this reason, analysis of the endothelium is of fundamental importance for diagnosis of the health of the eye. The most important characteristic of endothelial cells is their lack of reproductive capacity. Age, surgical treatment, and use of contact lenses are factors influencing their quantity and form.


ReSeeVit Endothelium Specular Microscope Attachment - Permits obtaining electronic images of the patient's endothelium with no instrument/patient contact. It attaches to the ReSeeVit slit lamps for an economical solution for endothelium documentation.

Extremely useful in pre and post transplant examinations, post-cataract surgery examination, and evaluation of trauma damage to the cornea.

  • Non-contact and non-invasive examination of the endothelial tissue
  • An indispensable aid in diagnosing corneal health
  • No risk of transmission of infectious diseases
  • The examinations are totally painless
  • Does not require use of local anesthetic
  • Manual focusing of the endothelial layer of the cornea

ReSeeVit Endothelium Attachment

Endothilial cells
Endothelilial cells

Endo-Analysis Software- The endothelium cell analysis software is the product of extensive research, conducted in collaboration with highly-accredited sector professionals in order to ensure the best in technology, quality, and design. The cell count is fully automatic, although it is possible to perform manual editing, should this become necessary. This system also permits automatically counting up to 400 cells from a single image: the large number of cells analyzed permit obtaining statistically relevant and extremely repeatable data. The analysis of the endothelial data and images can be associated with personal patient data and saved in an archive, which can be integrated with the ReSeeVit Modi Topographerretinal camera, and digital slit lamp solutions.